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To start your insurance quote, just answer a few simple questions and tell us what kind of coverage you are looking for.

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Insurance Claims Tips for Florida

Insurance Claims Information

Serving Jacksonville and all of Florida

Understand your insurance policies before you have a loss.

Understandably that is a tall order. The best way to address this requirement is to have regular reviews of your insurance policies with your agent. Your agent is trained in helping you understand your policies in regard what coverage's you have as well as those you don't have. Their biggest concern is to help you know about these matters before you have a loss. By doing so, you can then make an informed decision regarding those loss exposures you want to insure against and those you're willing to retain. Remember the most damaging punch is always the one you didn't see coming!!

Keep current receipts and records of personal property you own.

All written, computer back-ups and video documentation should be stored in a secure location away from your residence. This should be turned over to your adjuster upon request. This includes a current copy of your policy and declaration sheet.

Prepare a Personal Property Inventory and keep it updated. Photograph and videotape the contents of every room for your records (including the garage!). Store these records away from the premises in a secure location like a safety deposit box.

Know your policy's contractual responsibilities after the loss.

Almost all home insurance policies require you to take prudent actions after a loss to minimize further damages. If you are not physically capable, we suggest making arrangements in advance with a licensed and insured handy man or contractor to help you do those necessary tasks immediately after a loss.
Important note: Do not dispose of any damaged property until after the adjuster has had a chance to see it.

Additionally, we suggest taking photos of all structural damages before any temporary repairs commence.

Have your adjuster explain how the claim settlement process works at your first meeting.

Have him explain to you what you should expect in the claims process along with the time line for task accomplishments. Make sure he/she explains their actions and how they relate to your policy. Talk to your adjuster about their approved sub-contractors and how you should and should not work with them. If you have a specific contractor you want to work with, do not sign an agreement without first having your adjuster approve the work. Give your adjuster a chance to discuss what he/she expects from you in order for things to go smoothly. Finally, if something doesn't sound right, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible for help.

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